Saga FLX TuneD

Persona 2007 TuneD

14 April 2018 ñ Hello TuneD fans, with the previous body kit line up of Proton, TuneD stays on track with another body kit launching which is Proton Persona of 2007.

Not forgetting those with this older version of Persona, it ís time for TuneD to come out with the body kit of this version for a fresher look.This body kit carry similar grill character since the development of the 1st TuneD Saga 2.0.the DNA comes from the image of a butterfly cross, where this cross enhances the soft look of this car.Compared to previous body kits from TuneD where the DRL is designed to an almost 90 degrees from the floor.This time, it is set to a more vertical position.The purpose of this design is to eliminate the odds of the car look much shorter in length. By completely get rid of the complex and messy design, this side skirt completes the sleek and clean look of the car.Going to the bottom of the rear bumper, TuneD again show their DNA on this black diffuser part to add more sporty elements on the car. As for the air ventilation, we can see they try to blend in the design that we usually see in most expensive cars on the market. For this bodykit TuneD bring the new color in our list “Pearl White” and the price of this body kit start from RM 2100 for standard package without paint.

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